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m (Text replacement - "https://boundarydevices.com/blog/android/ Android Blog Posts" to "https://boundarydevices.com/?s=android Android Blog Posts")
m (Text replacement - "https://boundarydevices.com/blog/ubuntu/ Ubuntu Blog Posts" to "https://boundarydevices.com/?s=ubuntu Ubuntu Blog Posts")
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<span class="column-subheading">Ubuntu Tutorial:</span><br>
<span class="column-subheading">Ubuntu Tutorial:</span><br>
[https://boundarydevices.com/blog/ubuntu/ Ubuntu Blog Posts]<br>
[https://boundarydevices.com/?s=ubuntu Ubuntu Blog Posts]<br>
<span class="column-subheading">Latest Ubuntu Release:</span><br>
<span class="column-subheading">Latest Ubuntu Release:</span><br>

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Nitrogen8M Plus SOM

The Following information is valid for all versions of the Nitrogen8M Plus SOM.

Details & Pricing
See full product page

Contact Support
Contact us with specific questions


Android Tutorial:
Getting Started Guide
Android Blog Posts

Current Release:
Android 11 2.2.0

Previous Releases:
Android 10 2.5.0


Debian Tutorial:
Debian Blog Posts

Latest Debian Release:
Debian Bullseye 11 (kernel 5.10)

Ubuntu Tutorial:
Ubuntu Blog Posts

Latest Ubuntu Release:
Ubuntu Focal 20.04 (kernel 5.4.x)