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Nitrogen6 MAX

The Following information is valid for all versions of the Nitrogen6 MAX including: Nit6Q_MAX_BRD; Nit6Q_MAX; Nit6Q_MAX_QCA_BRD; Nit6Q_MAX_QCA; Nit6QP_MAX_BRD; Nit6QP_MAX.


Details & Pricing

See full [/product/nitrogen6max/ product page]


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Getting Started

  • Getting Started Guide:
    [/wiki/getting-started/ Full Tutorial]
    [/wiki/getting-started/ Unbricking a Device]

  • Flashing Images:
    [/getting-started-part-2-writing-sdcard-images/ Writing to SD Cards]
    [/programming-emmc-on-i-mx6/ Programming eMMC]

  • U-Boot:
    [/wiki/u-boot/ U-Boot v2018.07]
    U-Boot Blog Posts

  • Linux Kernel:
    [/wiki/linux-kernel/ Linux kernel 4.9.x]



  • Android Tutorial:
    [/wiki/android-for-nitrogen6/ Getting Started Guide]
    Android Blog Posts 

  • 3rd Party Release:
    Kynetics Android Pie 9.0.0_2.2.0 

  • Latest Release:
    [/android-oreo-8-0-0-release-for-i-mx6-boards/?__hstc=51647990.4c1cbb03002d38b9669ed0bdde9fe1cc.1549917105762.1549920479218.1549925438933.3&__hssc=51647990.26.1549925438933&__hsfp=2584898834 Android Oreo 8.0.0] 

  • Previous Releases:
    [/android-nougat-7-1-1-release-imx6-boards/ Android Nougat 7.1.1]
    Android Marshmallow 6.0.1



  • Debian Tutorial:
    [/wiki/Debian-for-nitrogen6/ Getting Started Guide]
    Debian Blog Posts
  • Latest Debian Release:
     [/debian-buster-10-2-for-i-mx6-7-boards-december-2019-kernel-4-14-x/ Debian Buster 10.2]
  • Ubuntu Getting Started:
    [/wiki/Ubuntu-for-nitrogen6/ Getting Started Guide]
    Ubuntu Blog Posts
  • Latest Ubuntu Release:
    Ubuntu Bionic 18.04


3rd Party OS